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SKU: 9960-5251
Regulator for the model 9960 lantern.

Our price: $10.00
Valve Assembly
SKU: 5414-5251
Valve assembly for the model 5414 propane lantern.

Our price: $10.00
Valve Knob
SKU: 321-6481
Valve knob for the model 321B, 331, and 621B lanterns.

Our price: $10.00
Valve Stem 238B
SKU: Valve Stem 238B
Reproduction valve stem for the model 238B lantern.

Our price: $10.00
Valve Stem Assembly
SKU: 220C6531
Valve stem assembly

Our price: $10.00
Vent Rod N.O.S.
SKU: 242A4401
New old stock vent rod for the model 242A, B, and C lanterns.

Our price: $10.00
159X Air Tube Cap Brass
SKU: 159X Air Tube Cap Brass

Air flow restricter cap for themodel 159X lamp.  Brass finish.

Our price: $9.00
200A Vent Bracket Short NOS
SKU: 200-6631 Short NOS
This is an original NOS vent bracket. This is the newer style vent rod for 200A lanterns that took the shorter vent beginning in 1963. It will not work on early high vent 200A models.

Our price: $9.00
252 Filler Cap and Chain
SKU: 252 Filler Cap
New old stock filler cap and chain for the military lantern. Will also fit any Coleman lantern or stove that used the standard size filler cap. I am 99% sure these filler caps came from the old SMP factory.

Our price: $9.00
286 Heat Shield
SKU: 286-1151
Fits all models of 286 lanterns.

Our price: $9.00