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Pump Assembly 220C Steel Cap Used
SKU: 216-5201 Steel Cap
This is a used pump assembly for the model 220C. It has a steel knurled pump cap rather than brass. The steel cap was usually found on the models 220/228C made during the war years. It would also fit the 427, 228B, 235, 220BX, 220B, and 228C lanterns. It would fit the lamp models 118, 118A, 118B, 119, 119A, 132A, 132P, 138A, and 138B. This is a used pump assembly. It has been cleaned and has a new pump leather installed. It may show signs of wear and could have some light wrench marks on the knurled portion of the cap. It won't be all rounded off or in bad shape.

Our price: $10.00
Check Valve 220B
SKU: 216-538
Reproduction check valve. This is the earlier larger style check valve as used on the 220B, 228B, 220C, 228C lanterns, some lamps, and some early stoves.

Our price: $13.00
Small valve stem packing
SKU: 216-6201
This is the smaller size of the valve stem packing. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 3/16". It would be used on the old 327 Quicklites, 427 lanterns and early CQ lamps. It would also be used on irons and some lanterns with the smaller diameter valve stem. I am showing three in the picture so you can see it from all angles. They are sold one at a time. Made of 100% graphite.

Our price: $3.00
Eccentric Block
SKU: 218-3041
Eccentric block

Our price: $8.00
Pre-Heater Cup
SKU: 218-5101
Pre-heater cup for the model 214 lantern. Will not fit anything else.

Our price: $9.00
Bushing Set 220
SKU: 220 Bushing Set
This is the set of bushings used on both sides of the graphite packing on the valve stem of the 220/228B through 220/228K lanterns.

Our price: $4.50
220 Valve Stem Nut
SKU: 220 Valve Stem Nut
Valve stem nut for the model 220/228B through 220K.

Our price: $6.00
Burner Tube Steel
SKU: 220-3301 Steel
Steel burner tube for the 220-228 series lanterns. Measures approximately 2 7/8 inches long.

Our price: $3.00
Burner Tubes Used Lot of 10
SKU: 220-3301 Used Lot 10
This is a lot of 10 used brass 220 size burner tubes and caps. The caps will all have screens. Most of the burner caps are steel but some are brass. All the burner tubes are brass. I created this product for the guys that like to build fish gigging lights. A low cost alternative to buying all new burner tubes and caps.

Our price: $12.00
Ball Nut
SKU: 220-441
Single Ball Nut. Fits all Coleman lanterns except the 242 type models.

Our price: $2.00