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275 Valve Stem
SKU: 275A2141
Fits model 275 lanterns. Not 275A.

Our price: $8.00
275A Collar Used
SKU: 275A5291 Used
Used collar for a 275A. May show signs of wear.

Our price: $2.00
286 Burner Assembly Brass
SKU: 286B5341 Brass
New burner assembly for the model 286 lantern. The burner tube is brass.

Our price: $20.00
286 Burner Assembly Steel
SKU: 286B5341 Steel
This burner assembly will fit all 286 single mantle lanterns. The burner tube is steel.

Our price: $18.00
286 Valve Assembly
SKU: 286A6571
This will fit all 286 model lanterns.

Our price: $14.00
286 Valve Stem
SKU: 286A6141
Fits all 286 model lanterns.

Our price: $5.00
286A/288A Collar Used
SKU: 286A/288A Collar Used
Used collar for the model 286A or 288A lantern. Marked for both models.

Our price: $3.00
288 Burner Assembly Brass
SKU: 288B5341
Burner assembly for the model 288 lanterns. The burner tubes are brass.

Our price: $23.00
288 Generator Nut
SKU: 288-1621
Generator nut for the model 286, 288 and 290 lanterns.

Our price: $3.50
288 Knob
SKU: 288-5491
Knob for the 286, 288 or similar lanterns.

Our price: $0.50