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Large Valve Stem Packing
SKU: 242-6201
Same as part number 118B6201. Is used on most modern lanterns such as 201, 200, 220, 242, etc. Also used on later lamps and stoves. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 1/4". Made of 100% graphite. The two in the picture are for illustration purposes only. Packings are sold individually.

Our price: $3.00
Leather Pump Cup
SKU: 216-5091
Leather pump cup. This is the common Coleman pump cup that fits most lanterns and stoves. Has a 7/8 inch diameter.

Our price: $3.00
Leather Pump Cup And Back-Up Plate
SKU: 216A5091 3000005094
Leather pump cup, push on nut and back-up plate. New part number 3000005094.

Our price: $6.00
O Ring
SKU: 5410-1341
O ring made of gas resistant Viton.

Our price: $1.00
SKU: 5410A1381

Our price: $1.00
Small valve stem packing
SKU: 216-6201
This is the smaller size of the valve stem packing. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 3/16". It would be used on the old 327 Quicklites, 427 lanterns and early CQ lamps. It would also be used on irons and some lanterns with the smaller diameter valve stem. I am showing three in the picture so you can see it from all angles. They are sold one at a time. Made of 100% graphite.

Our price: $3.00
Valve Stem O Ring
SKU: 5445-224
This is the O ring that goes on the 5400-5211 valve stem.

Our price: $0.50
4 Screws W/Washer Stainless For 530
SKU: 530-17-508
4 Screws W/Washer Stainless For 530

Our price: $3.00
Check Valve O Ring
SKU: O Ring Check Valve
Small thin O ring for the common Coleman check valves. Made of gas resistant material.

Our price: $0.35
SKU: 9942-5251
Regulator, clip on. If you want the threaded on one it would be 9942A-5251.

Our price: $23.00