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220 Black Valve Wheel New Style USED
This is a used part and may show signs of wear or have a few chips in it. This is the new style black valve wheel for 200A's, models 220H, 220J and 220K, and others. It is completely interchangeable with the red wheel. Newer model 200A's and model 202 took the black wheel. The main difference is the hollow style back.

Our price: $2.00
220 Filler Cap Insert
SKU: 220-6361
This is a reproduction inner disc for the old 3 piece caps. Comes with a new gasket. Made of brass.

Our price: $6.00
414 Burner Ring Gasket
SKU: 414 Burner Ring Gasket
Fiber gasket used under the burner rings of some of the Duel Fuel suitcase stoves. Has an outside diameter of 2 3/8 inches.

Our price: $3.00
445 Pump Leather
SKU: 445 Pump Leather
Small leather pump cup for the model 445 Coleman stoves. Measures about 11/16 of an inch across.

Our price: $3.00
520 Parts Tube
SKU: 520 Parts Tube
Parts tube for 520 and 523 military stoves. Contains a new vaporizer, gas tip, large packing, and 3 screens.

Our price: $25.00
520 Pot Support
SKU: 520 Pot Support
Pot support leg for the model 520 stove. New old stock but they show signs of rust.

Our price: $3.00
530 Stove Pot Support
SKU: 530 Stove Pot Support
Reproduction pot support arm for the model 530 stove.

Our price: $3.00
530 Wrench
SKU: 530-950
This is a reproduction wrench for the 530 pocket stove.

Our price: $9.00
9940 Valve
SKU: 9940 Valve
Valve for the model 9940 Road Trip grill.

Our price: $25.00
SKU: 5410-780
Orig. Ball Tank To Reg

Our price: $11.00