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Cap Insert Reproduction
SKU: 451-1391
This is a reproduction filler cap insert for the large filler caps as used on Handy Gas Plants, Radiant Heater #2, Remote Tank 457 and 465, and other large tanks.

Our price: $15.00
Cartridge Lock Package
SKU: 5404B1061
Cartridge lock package for the model 5404 and 5409 stove.

Our price: $1.00
Change Over Package
SKU: 396A990
Change over package.

Our price: $29.00
Check Valve
SKU: 940-538
Check valve for the large kitchen range type appliances. Will not fit anything else.

Our price: $8.00
Check Valve Old Style
SKU: 200-6381 Old
This is the older style check valve that would take the air stem with the larger bulbous end. If you are a purist and you want absolutely old style.

Our price: $9.00
Check Valve With Stem
SKU: 200-6381
This is the common Coleman check valve that fits most styles of lanterns and stoves made after 1946 and some before that date. Comes with the new O ring.

Our price: $5.00
Cleaning Needle
SKU: 740-251
Needle for the 740 stove generator.

Our price: $3.00
Cleaning Needle And Holder
SKU: 307-238
Cleaning needle and holder.

Our price: $6.00
Cleaning Needle And Holder
SKU: 807-2381
Cleaning Needle And Holder

Our price: $2.00
SKU: 345-219
Generator coil for the model 345 stove.

Our price: $8.00