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Lamp Globe Holder
SKU: Globe Holder
This is a reproduction lamp globe holder that allows you to use a common 220 size globe on your lamp. The original lamp globes are expensive and this is a great alternative. Burn your old lamps and no longer worry about breaking a rare globe. Globe is not included.

Our price: $8.00
Lamp Hanger New
SKU: 104-469
New reproduction hanging rod. Fits all Coleman lamps. Approximately 11 1/2 inches long.

Our price: $7.00
Lantern Carry Case - 288
SKU: CC2 3000004347
Small carry case for lanterns. Fits models 285, 286, 288, 214 and other smaller sized lanterns. Will also fit later low vent style 200A lanterns.

Our price: $17.00
Lantern Carry Case - 290
SKU: CC3 3000000527
Carry case for models 290, 290A, 295, 220F, 220H, 220J, and 220K.

Our price: $23.00
Lantern Carry Case - Propane Maroon Used
Larger carry case for propane lanterns. This is a used case but will be in good condition.

Our price: $18.00
Lantern Reflector
SKU: 2000016553
Lantern Reflector

Our price: $15.00
Latch and Strike
SKU: 4733-6391
Latch and Strike

Our price: $2.00
SKU: 5350-1141

Our price: $4.00
Lens Frame
SKU: 5350-1151
Lens Frame

Our price: $5.00
Lens Frame
SKU: 5350A1151
Lens Frame

Our price: $6.00