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Parts for vintage Coleman irons


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Head Assembly
SKU: 512-5151
Head Assembly

Our price: $20.00
Head Assembly
SKU: 515-5151
Head Assembly. Measure approximately 10 1/4 diameter.

Our price: $19.00
Head Assembly
SKU: 515A6081
Head Assembly. Measure approximately 9 3/4 inches diameter.

Our price: $20.00
Head Assembly
SKU: 5480-5001
Head assembly for the model 5480 heater.

Our price: $15.00
Head Assembly Rusty
SKU: 511A5151 Rusty
Head Assembly. New but has some rust. Measures approximately 8 inches in diameter.

Our price: $16.00
Heat indicator
SKU: 5445-5301
Heat indicator

Our price: $4.00
Heater Wick
SKU: 513B6061
Heater Wick

Our price: $21.00
Hot Beam Grate
SKU: Hot Beam Grate
Reproduction grate for the Coleman Hot Beam heater. Identical to the original.

Our price: $35.00
Hot Ray Radiant
SKU: 480-374 Steel
This is a new production stainless steel element for the Coleman Hot Ray heaters. Replaces the old ceramic radiant that is usually broken or missing. I have used it and it works great.

Our price: $29.00
Hydrostat complete
SKU: 5488-5121

Our price: $25.00
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