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Exploded Views

Having an original parts manual can be pretty important. Whether it be for a restoration or for part cross-referencing, they are very nice to have.

We have scans for many popular Coleman appliances below. This page will ultimately have "them all" but for now we hope you these helpful:

Please go to the Parts Diagrams section for a more thorough collection of exploded views.

Shown in numerical order:

Iron 4
Lamp 132
Lamp 134
Lamp 150
Lamp 152
Lanterns 200/200A
Lantern 220
Lantern 220B
Lantern 220H
Lantern 237
Lantern 242
Lantern 242B
Lantern 243
Lantern 275
Lantern 290
Lantern L327
Lanterns L427/L227
Lantern L427 (New)
Stove 413C
Stove 425
Stove 426D
Gas Plant 457
Heater 5
Stove 500
Stove 501
Stove 502
Stove 508
Heater 511A
Stove 530
Stove 5409

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