One of the great things I get to do is travel and meet others who also appreciate Coleman products. In my travels this last week, I was able to stop by Shaun's house in Longview Washington.We met in the early afternoon and shared a cup of coffee out in his shop. He had two 242C lanterns burning brightly - they sounded so smooth.

I asked him a couple of questions and he was kind enough to let me share his answers with all of you.

- What is your favorite piece?  His very rare "236E" which was born when his 236 had a bad fount and he swapped it out with one from a 220E. It always lights and works well. He said he really likes the 639 models also because they are "beasts" and really put out the light. As far as he is concerned a lantern must really run well first, then be pretty.

- Have you been able to pass the Coleman fun along to any young ones? Not yet, his grand daughter is very small, but he has high hopes.

- Do you attend any local Coleman groups? Yes, he has been to local gatherings - he and I had met for the first time at the Columbia River Chapter Campout at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier Oregon. (I too have attended this gathering - lots of fun and we have another one planned this year - HERE is a link if you are local.)

- Are you part of any online groups? Yes - the Coleman Collectors Forum.

- Will you be getting more items, or just maintaining? Shaun says he wishes just to maintain - he only has so much room and likes his many varied items.

- What do you hope to someday have? Would like to have a red 335 some day. (So, if you have one to part with, let me know and I will connect  you two).

It was a great visit. Thanks Shaun.

Thank you for spending a bit of time here with me. I hope to keep this up as I meet fellow collectors and enthusiasts. More to come soon. 

Feel free to share a comment below.