Just last month I headed north from Vancouver WA toward the Canadian border to visit with a friend of mine. Our plans included some steak, hanging out and working on my problematic 243A.

Here is Mark in his workshop. I'm amazed at how many different types of lanterns and stoves he has, and that hardly any of them are duplicates. 

While I was there we worked my 243A that seemed to always deliver liquid fuel to the mantle even when only cracking the valve 1/4 turn to start. This still happened after replacing the fuel pick up tube. I thought maybe Mark and I could get to the bottom of the issue - and we did! We found the valve was worn out, not the valve stem, but the valve. Mark happened to have one handy, and now my favorite lantern is happy as can be. 

Just for the experience, we fired up this Coleman kerosene 345 stove that he had been working on. Was great to see and hear it run.

Earlier in the month, Mark found this Primus 8R stove for me at a local shop. I find this stove so interesting because it is so simple and effective and has no pump. 

On my way home, I used it to cook up some lunch at one stop, and and then some coffee at another.

Mark was happy to show me around and share the stories behind each of his treasures. Here are few of the photos I had taken -  thought I would share.

Thank you for spending a bit of time here with me. I hope to keep this up as I meet fellow collectors and enthusiasts. More to come soon.

I have the best job in the world I think!


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