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Parts Kit - E893
SKU: 5151A5161
Parts kit for the model 5151A propane lantern. Includes heat shield, vent bracket, 2 gaskets and nut.

Our price: $12.00
Pre Heater Cup Reproduction - R8
SKU: 201-5101 R
Reproduction Pre-heater Cup for the model 201 lantern. Very nicely made of thicker brass.

Our price: $11.50
Pre-Heater Cup - R32
SKU: 237-3591
Pre-heater cup for the model 237 lantern. This is a new production cup made out of brass. It is very high quality and fits the 237 nice and snug. Will also fit a 530 stove if you want to install a PH cup on it.

Our price: $8.00
Pre-Heater Cup 242K - R40
SKU: 242K-360
Reproduction cast aluminum pre-heater cup for the rare 242K lantern. Most of the 242K lanterns are missing the original pre-heater cup. If you are a purist and want to complete your 242K project then you will be very pleased with this. Looks identical to the original.

Our price: $14.00
Pre-Heater Cup 249 - R30
SKU: 249-360
Reproduction brass pre-heater cup for the model 249 lantern.

Our price: $8.00
Pre-Heater Cup 249 Cast Aluminum - R41
SKU: 249-360 CA
Reproduction cast aluminum pre-heater cup for the model 249 lantern. Some 249's came with this hard to find cup. Workmanship is excellent.

Our price: $15.00
Pre-Heater cup Small - C76
SKU: 201-5101 Small
Smaller size pre-heater cup for the 201 lantern. Is 1 inch in diameter. The center hole is larger than needed for the 201 generator. Fits the 214 generator much better.

Our price: $6.00
Pre-Heater Cup Universal - E452
SKU: Pre-Heater Cup Universal
This product started out as a pre-heater cup for the model 249 lantern. However, the center hole was not offset enough so they do not fit on a model 249. The good part is that they will fit anything and everything else but a 249. The center hole is large enough to accommodate a 237 generator. Would be a little sloppy on a 201 or 247 but they would work. Help me get rid of this mistake. Priced to sell.

Our price: $5.50
Propane Adaptor - E889
SKU: Primus 9002
Primus propane adapter on off valve. See detail photo on how to use.

Our price: $12.50
Propane Bottle Holder - E1005
SKU: 5010000725
Lantern base that fits around the small propane bottle.

Our price: $4.00