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Collar Assembly - 2241
SKU: 5107B5291
Collar assembly for the model 5107 and 5107A lantern. New old stock but has some scratches.

Our price: $3.00
Valve Assembly - E1041
SKU: 5107C5251
Valve Assembly

Our price: $9.00
Collar and Burner assembly - E1029
SKU: 5107C5291
Collar and burner assembly for the model 5107C propane lantern.

Our price: $9.00
Vent - 1580
SKU: 5107C5851
This is a new old stock vent for the model 5107 and 5107A lantern. It has the vent bracket built into the bottom of the vent. May fit other models as well.

Our price: $8.00
5114 Propane Gasket - S25
SKU: 5114 Gasket
This is the gasket that goes between the propane regulator and the small propane bottles that you screw on. Not ever offered as a separate Coleman part so I assigned this part number. The total diameter is 15/16 of an inch. The inner hole diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch.

Our price: $1.00
Frame Bolt - E883
SKU: 5114-060
Frame bolt

Our price: $1.00
Generator Extension - E347
SKU: 5114-1051
Generator Extension

Our price: $3.00
Generator Nut - E176
SKU: 5114-1081
Generator Nut

Our price: $1.00
Compression Sleeve - E466
SKU: 5114-1091
Compression Sleeve

Our price: $1.50
Generator Sleeve - E344
SKU: 5114-2201
Generator Sleeve

Our price: $1.00