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Check Valve Reproduction - S24
SKU: 223-5381 Reproduction
Reproduction check valve for 242 and 242A lanterns. This is the re-buildable type check valve for early single mantle lanterns that did not use an air stem. Will not work with others.

Our price: $13.00
Fuel Air Tube Reproduction - S21
SKU: 260-1461
Reproduction shorter fuel and air tube for the double mantle Sears lanterns made by Coleman.

Our price: $13.00
Regulator Valve - E271
SKU: 5152A5251
Regulator Valve

Our price: $13.00
Tip cleaner - E101
SKU: 118B3531
Tip cleaner for the 117A, 118A, 119A, 150B, 150G, 150R, 150I lamps and the 237A, 237B lanterns.

Our price: $13.00
Valve - E663
SKU: 5154-5261

Our price: $13.00
Check Valve 220B - S31
SKU: 216-538
Reproduction check valve. This is the earlier larger style check valve as used on the 220B, 228B, 220C, 228C lanterns, some lamps, and some early stoves.

Our price: $13.75
Check Valve Milspec - S49
SKU: 252-5221
Reproduction check valve for the military lanterns. Will also fit the models 220/228B and 220/228C. Will not fit the later style lanterns.

Our price: $13.75
286 Valve Assembly - C44
SKU: 286A6571
This will fit all 286 model lanterns.

Our price: $14.00
Burner Frame #1 - E980
SKU: 242A3701 Used #1
This is a used Burner frame for the 242A through C lantern. Will also work on the 247 and other similar lanterns.

Our price: $14.00
IL 323 Air Tube - E332
SKU: IL 323 Air Tube
Reproduction air tube for the model IL 323 lantern.

Our price: $14.00