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Tip Cleaner Assembly
SKU: 129-353
Tip cleaner assembly for the model 129 lamp. Fits some other lamp models too.

Our price: $11.00
U Tube And Venturi NOS
SKU: 200A3261
Nos U tube and venturi.

Our price: $11.00
Valve Assembly
SKU: 5152E5251
Valve assembly for the model 5152E lantern.

Our price: $11.00
Valve Wheel Black Square Hole Used
SKU: 407-6491Square Used
Used valve wheel for early 220B's and some model 237's. It fits on valve stems with a square shaft end. It is not interchangeable with other wheels.

Our price: $11.00
Ventilator 5114C
SKU: 5114C5851
Vent for the model 5114 series lanterns. Has the bail bracket built in on the underside. Darker green than the 5114E vent.

Our price: $11.00
Ventilator 5114E
SKU: 5114E5851
New old stock vent for the later 5114 lanterns but should fit all of them. Has the bail bracket built in on the underside.

Our price: $11.00
Ventilator Northstar Black
SKU: 5010001777
Black vent for the Northstar propane lantern.

Our price: $10.50
Bail Handle Reproduction
SKU: 200-4231 Reproduction
Reproduction bail handle for the model 200 and 200A lanterns.

Our price: $10.00
Bail Reproduction
SKU: 242A423 Reproduction
Reproduction bail handle for models 242, 242A, 242B, 242C, 242K, 247, 249, 243, 243A, 243B, 234 and others. Looks identical to the original.

Our price: $10.00
Burner Assembly Rusty
SKU: 286B5341 Rusty
New old stock burner assembly that was stored in a damp environment. I have pictured the worst of the bunch. Most do not have nearly this level of rust on them. You will be pleasantly surprised by them if you don't care about some rust. The burner tube alone is worth the selling price.

Our price: $10.00