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Ball Nut 275 Splined - 804
SKU: 275-120 S
Fits the model 275 lantern. Will fit all Coleman lanterns except the 242 type models.

Our price: $4.00
Burner Tube 200A - 154
SKU: 200-3241
200A Burner Tube

Our price: $3.00
Check Valve O Ring - 13
SKU: O Ring Check Valve
Small thin O ring for the common Coleman check valves. Made of gas resistant material.

Our price: $0.35
Generator Tube Packing - 4
SKU: Generator Tube Packing
This is the cardboard tube that goes inside of the 200A and 220 size generators.

Our price: $2.30
Pump Cup Neoprene - 66
SKU: 216-1091
Pump Cup Neoprene

Our price: $3.00
5114 Propane Gasket - 38
SKU: 5114 Gasket
This is the gasket that goes between the propane regulator and the small propane bottles that you screw on. Not ever offered as a separate Coleman part so I assigned this part number. The total diameter is 15/16 of an inch. The inner hole diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch.

Our price: $1.00
Cap Gasket 220 - 1
SKU: 118B1361
This gasket is for the model 200, 200A, 202, 220B, 220C, 220D, 220E, 220F lanterns and other similar lanterns, stoves and lamps that take the standard 3 piece filler cap. Red 3 piece filler cap show for demonstration purposes only. If your filler cap is a standard size and has a screw in the center then these gaskets will work.

Our price: $1.15
Cap Gasket 242 - 8
SKU: 603-1361
This gasket is for the model 242, 242A, 242B, 242C, 243, 243A, 234, 234A, 247, 249 and other similar lanterns and lamps that take the smaller filler cap. Also fits the model 500 stove. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only.

Our price: $1.00
Cap Gasket 427 - 20
SKU: 118-1361
This gasket is for the model 427 lantern, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert. It is the same outside diameter as cap gasket 118B1361 but has a smaller inside hole. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only. Old part number 115-1361.

Our price: $1.45
Check Valve With Stem - 6
SKU: 200-6381 2006381ZCL
This is the common Coleman check valve and air stem that fits most styles of lanterns and stoves made after 1946 and some before that date. Comes with the new O ring. If your part diagram calls for the 242B5381 check valve then this would be the correct part.

Our price: $6.35