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Pre-Heater Cup Universal - 1862
SKU: Pre-Heater Cup Universal
This product started out as a pre-heater cup for the model 249 lantern. However, the center hole was not offset enough so they do not fit on a model 249. The good part is that they will fit anything and everything else but a 249. The center hole is large enough to accommodate a 237 generator. Would be a little sloppy on a 201 or 247 but they would work. Help me get rid of this mistake. Priced to sell.

Our price: $5.50
220B Tail Piece Used - 2096
SKU: 220B Tail Piece Used
Used air tube tail piece used on the 220/228B lantern. This is the small part of the 2 piece air tube used on this model.

Our price: $5.00
236 - 237 Burner Tube Brass - 364
SKU: 236-324 Brass
Brass burner tube for the models 236 and 237.

Our price: $5.00
242C Collar Used Steel - 884
SKU: 242C4891 Steel
This is a used collar for the model 242C lantern. Would be the correct steel one for the painted version of the 242C. May show signs of rust and wear.

Our price: $5.00
Ball Nut 2 Pack - 91
SKU: 220-4411 3000005384
Ball Nut 2 Pack.

Our price: $5.00
Burner Assembly - 2001
SKU: 5152A6621
Burner frame assembly for the model 5152A lantern.

Our price: $5.00
Burner Cap & Screen - 159
SKU: 236-3231
New burner cap & screen for the model 236 and 237 lantern. Also fits the model 249.

Our price: $5.00
Burner Frame Used 228 #2
SKU: 228B4981 #2
This is a used burner frame that will fit models 228B through 228F.

Our price: $5.00
Burner Tube 2 1/2 Inch - 273
SKU: 101-324 2 1/2 Inch
Reproduction burner tube that measures 2 1/2 inches long. Some early lanterns and lamps took this size.

Our price: $5.00
Burner Tube Steel - 978
SKU: 242-3241 Steel
This steel burner tube was used on the 242b and 242C war time lanterns. 15/16 inches long.

Our price: $5.00