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Propane Bottle Holder - 1163
SKU: 5010000725
Lantern base that fits around the small propane bottle.

Our price: $4.00
427-5091 Pump Cup - 51
SKU: 427-5091
Smaller diameter leather pump cup for the model 427 lantern

Our price: $3.00
427 Filler Cap Insert - 360
SKU: 427 Filler Cap Insert
Reproduction filler cap insert for the older winged style filler caps used on model 427 lanterns. Comes with the new gasket.

Our price: $6.40
Pal Nut - 37
SKU: 426-426
Pal nut for the 200A lantern. Also used on some stoves.

Our price: $1.00
Air Stem - 2985
SKU: 413-532
Air stem for the 418, 371, 387 stoves, and the 151B, 151G lamps

Our price: $6.00
Valve Wheel Black Square Hole Used - 513
SKU: 407-6491Square Used
Used valve wheel for early 220B's and some model 237's. It fits on valve stems with a square shaft end. It is not interchangeable with other wheels.

Our price: $11.00
Pump Plunger - 134
SKU: 400A5201
Pump assembly. Comes with the neoprene pump cup and metal cap. Fits the small backpacking 400 series stoves and 222, 226, 229 series lanterns.

Our price: $7.50
Lanyard - 284
SKU: 400-2011
Replacement lanyard for filler caps that took a lanyard.

Our price: $4.00
Lamp Cap Used Winged - 3943
SKU: 375-164 Used Winged
Used winged filler cap for some early lamps. Will have a new gasket.

Our price: $15.00
Lamp Cap Original Used - 1932
SKU: 375-164 Used
Used original Coleman lamp filler cap. Will be in good condition and will have a new gasket.

Our price: $8.00