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Burner Frame #10
SKU: 220B4981 #10
This is a used burner frame that will fit models 220B through 220F.

Our price: $3.00
Tip Cleaner Stem Reproduction - R59
SKU: 220B3531 Reproduction
This is a reproduction tip cleaner stem for the model 220/228B through 220/228F lantern. Looks a little different that the original but is a great lower cost alternative to the original ones.

Our price: $7.75
Vent Rod 220 Long - S98
SKU: 220B3401
Longer vent rod for models 220/228B through 220/228E

Our price: $6.00
Mixing Chamber New Style Plated - E189
SKU: 220B3261 New Style Plated
This is a newer style mixing chamber for the 220-228 series lanterns. It is plated with a zinc coating or something similar.

Our price: $6.00
Mixing Chamber New Style Brass - E328
SKU: 220B3261 New Style Brass
Newer style mixing chamber for the model 220/228 lanterns. It is brass with no coating.

Our price: $6.00
Air Intake Tube Steel - E193
SKU: 220B3221 Steel
This is a steel tube. Not brass.

Our price: $9.00
Eccentric Block - R53
SKU: 220B304
Reproduction eccentric block for the very early 220B lantern that took the longer eccentric. Will not work in the later 220B or other 220 series lantern.

Our price: $5.00
Valve Wheel Screw Used - S118
SKU: 220B175 Used
Used valve wheel screw. This is the earlier style screw with the unique thread size. Not the later self tapping style. Will be in good condition.

Our price: $0.25
220B Tail Piece Used - E604
SKU: 220B Tail Piece Used
Used air tube tail piece used on the 220/228B lantern. This is the small part of the 2 piece air tube used on this model.

Our price: $5.00
Direction Disk Canadian #2 Used - E853
SKU: 220A172 Can Used #2
Used direction disk for Canadian lanterns.

Our price: $5.00