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Generator Extension - E347
SKU: 5114-1051
Generator Extension

Our price: $3.00
Generator Needle - E155
SKU: 339-2384
Replacement needle for the 339 generator.

Our price: $5.00
Generator Needle - S101
SKU: 236-2381
Reproduction generator needle for the model 236 lantern.

Our price: $5.00
Generator Nut - E176
SKU: 5114-1081
Generator Nut

Our price: $1.00
Generator Nut - E25
SKU: 252B210
Original generator nut for the Milspec lantern. Military part number 6260-00-161-1859

Our price: $6.50
Generator Nut - S52
SKU: 605-210
Generator nut that fits all 200, 242, 200A, and 220 model lanterns. Also fits 502 stoves.

Our price: $4.50
Generator Nut Reproduction - E139
SKU: 335-2101
Reproduction generator nut for the model 335 lantern

Our price: $3.50
Generator Nut Steel Used - E118
SKU: 605-210 Steel Used
Used steel generator nut. Steel nuts were used on wartime 242B, 220BX, and 220C lanterns. These will show some rust.

Our price: $2.50
Generator Seat - S87
SKU: 252 Generator Seat
Generator seat for the military lantern.

Our price: $11.00
Generator Seat Used - E864
SKU: 252 Generator Seat Used1
Generator seat for the military lantern. Used, has some wrench marks.

Our price: $8.80