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Globe Holder Clamps Reproduction - R215
SKU: 129-335 Reproduction
Reproduction globe holder set. Made of a little stronger metal than the original ones. Used on all later Coleman lamps that used a globe.

Our price: $9.25
Globe Guard - E263
SKU: 2500-3151 5010001782
Globe guard for the Northstar lantern. New part number 5010001782.

Our price: $25.00
Globe Clamps 062 Shade - E190
SKU: 130-920
Reproduction globe clamps made to work with the 062 shade. Only work with that one style.

Our price: $30.00
Globe Channel Used - E134
SKU: 252-0000 Used
Used Military Lantern globe channel. Crimps on burner frame to hold quadrant globe panes. May show sings of rust and wear.

Our price: $6.00
Generator Tube Packing - P5
SKU: Generator Tube Packing
This is the cardboard tube that goes inside of the 200A and 220 size generators.

Our price: $2.30
Generator Sleeve - E351
SKU: 5107-2201
Generator Sleeve

Our price: $1.00
Generator Sleeve - E344
SKU: 5114-2201
Generator Sleeve

Our price: $1.00
Generator Seat Used - E864
SKU: 252 Generator Seat Used1
Generator seat for the military lantern. Used, has some wrench marks.

Our price: $8.80
Generator Seat - S87
SKU: 252 Generator Seat
Generator seat for the military lantern.

Our price: $11.00
Generator Nut Steel Used - E118
SKU: 605-210 Steel Used
Used steel generator nut. Steel nuts were used on wartime 242B, 220BX, and 220C lanterns. These will show some rust.

Our price: $2.50