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Bail 275 Used - E700
SKU: 275B1091 Used
Used bail handle for the model 275 and 275A lantern.

Our price: $11.00
Arc Lantern Generator Nut - S23
This is a reproduction generator nut for the first Coleman lantern, the Arc lantern.

Our price: $9.00
Appliance Adapter - E952
SKU: 5455A580
Appliance Adapter

Our price: $8.00
Alcohol Bottle - C13
SKU: 201-5511
Alcohol Bottle for kerosene lanterns.

Our price: $6.00
Air Stem Used Old Style - E26
SKU: 200-533
Air stem older style used. Has the larger head on the end.

Our price: $0.50
Air Stem Reproduction - R54
SKU: 104-132 Reproduction
Reproduction air stem for the Quicklite lanterns and lamps.

Our price: $12.00
Air Stem New Style Used - E470
SKU: 200-533 New Style Used
Used air stem for most post-1980 stoves and lanterns. Has the smaller end on the air stem.

Our price: $0.50
Air Stem - E900
SKU: 413-532
Air stem for the 418, 371, 387 stoves, and the 151B, 151G lamps

Our price: $6.00
Air Stem - E170
SKU: 104-132
Air stem / thumb screw for filler plugs used on the old Quicklite lanterns and lamps. These are all brass. None have any nickle plating on them.

Our price: $12.00
Air Intake Tube Steel - E596
SKU: 104-322 Steel
Steel air intake tube for the old Quicklite lanterns and CQ lamps.

Our price: $15.00