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Collar 500A Stove #4 Used
SKU: 500A429 #4 Used
This is a used collar for the 500A stove. It has the 500A model number stamped on it.

Our price: $7.00
Feed Wire Nipple
SKU: 551-304
Feed wire nipple for Burner 463-399, 555, 558, 752. Also for Handy Gas Plant 457, 457G, 460, 460G, 575. And stove 377, 377A, 378, 378A, 379, and 379A.

Our price: $7.00
Generator Needle Reproduction
SKU: 500-2511 Reproduction
Reproduction generator needle for the model 500 stove.

Our price: $7.00
Grate Clip
SKU: 413A123
Grate Clip

Our price: $7.00
Knob Red
SKU: 5410-5291 Red
Red knob with direction disk.

Our price: $7.00
M1942 Valve Knob Coleman Reproduction
SKU: M1942 Knob Coleman
Reproduction valve wheel for the Coleman M1942 stove.

Our price: $7.00
M1942 Valve Knob Reproduction
SKU: M1942 Knob
Reproduction valve knob for the M1942 stove. Identical to the original.

Our price: $7.00
Pump Plunger
SKU: 400E5201
This is the short pump used on the small stoves and lanterns. 400 series stoves and model 222, 226, and 229 lanterns. Comes with the plastic style pump cap.

Our price: $7.00
Unknown Coleman Stove Needle
SKU: Unknown Coleman Stove Needle
Coleman stove needle. I do not have a part number for it. It is not for any of the common suitcase stoves. Measures 8 15/16 inches long.

Our price: $7.00
Unknown Propane Burner #1
SKU: Unknown Propane Burner #1
I know it is Coleman but have not been able to identify a part number.

Our price: $7.00