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Check Valve Tool
SKU: Check Valve Tool
If you want to remove your lantern check valve easily and without damage then this tool is the thing for you. Locks the tool into the check valve opening so it cannot slip. Not cheap but believe me, it is worth every penny. Once you use this you will never be sorry. Comes with two threaded rods so it will fit either old or newer style check valves. Also comes with instructions. This is the original Dan MacPherson tool made of the finest materials.

Our price: $39.00
Coleman Book
SKU: Coleman Book
This is the new Coleman collectors book produced by the International Coleman Collectors Club. It is chock full of detailed information. It has 385 pages of Coleman products printed on high quality paper with full color high resolution photos. This is a large book weighing in at almost 5 pounds.

The book is divided into six chapters. chapter one covering Coleman lamps. Chapter two covers Coleman Lanterns. Chapter three covers Coleman camp stoves. Chapter four covers items the Coleman company made for other companies or special orders. Chapter five is about military items and in Chapter six you will find "More from Coleman".

This book is a "must" for all Coleman Collectors! The information in this book was garnered from the members of the International Coleman Collectors Club. Literally thousands of hours of research have gone into this publication.

Book will be shipped separately using media mail for a flat fee of $6 to anywhere in the US. Canadian customers will be contacted after ordering to determine shipping charge. The shipping to Canada has been averaging around $37.00

Our price: $55.00
Shade Book
SKU: Shade Book
The Coleman Shade Chronology, Coleman Glass and Paper Shades for USA & Canada, 1909-1960. If you are interested in Coleman shades then this is the book to have.
A high quality booklet, 38 pages, full color, glossy heavy weight pages. In depth information about the shades marketed by the Coleman Company for their lamps. Covers everything from early glass shades to the last of the parchment shades, identifying originals from reproductions, and more. Makes a great companion guide to the new book “Vintage Guide to Coleman Products, 1900-1983”. Written by an editor of the new ICCC book, copies are signed. Covers shade details not included in the large volume.
Will be shipped media mail in the USA for a flat shipping fee of $3. International shipping will be higher.

Our price: $22.00
Brass T-Handle Pump Reproduction
SKU: 451-522 Reproduction
This is a new production T-handle pump. It works great to pressurize your lantern, lamp, or Handy Gas Plant. Approximately 10 inches long.

Our price: $18.00
Funnel Felt Large Blue
SKU: Funnel Felt Large Blue
This is a large piece of felt to make a new filter for the large Coleman funnel. It is approximately 7 inches square.

Our price: $1.00
Funnel Felt Large Green
SKU: Funnel Felt Large Green
Large green filter funnel felt for the Canadian Coleman funnels. It is approximately 7 inches square. The penny is just there for a size reference.

Our price: $1.00
Funnel Felt Small Blue
SKU: Funnel Felt Small Blue
This is a square of funnel felt large enough to make a new filter for your small Coleman funnel. It is approximately 3 inches square.

Our price: $0.50
Funnel Felt Small Green
SKU: Funnel Felt Small Green
Green filter funnel felt for the Canadian Coleman funnels. Felt is approximately 3 inches square.

Our price: $0.50
OCP Coffee Cup
5 year anniversary coffee cup. Has images of all the patches year 1 through 5. Enjoy your morning beverage in style.

Our price: $8.00
Parts Safe Gasket 200A
SKU: 200-7101 Gasket
This is a new gasket for your metal snap on parts safe. Fits the 200A size metal safe.

Our price: $4.00