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220 Metal Parts Accessory Safe - E973
SKU: 220A710
Metal parts safe for the model 220 & 228 lanterns.
Comes with a wrench only. Does not have a gasket like some models.
New old stock in package.

Our price: $39.00
Parts Safe 220 - E963
SKU: 220B7101
This is a snap on plastic tray made for the model 220/228 lantern. You would snap it on to the bottom of the tank to carry extra generators, mantles, matches, or whatever. It comes with a generator wrench, pump lube, and silk lite mantles. These have not been made in many years. Too bad. They really are a handy product to keep your lantern stuff from getting lost. The one I have is not as good as what it pictured. The contents are fine but the packaging is in poor shape.

Our price: $42.00