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Two Pen Set Aluminum Finish
SKU: 4680CW
Two pen set in aluminum finish.

Our price: $15.00
Two Pen Set Black Finish
SKU: 4330CW Black
Two pen set.

Our price: $15.00
Two Pen Set Blue Finish
SKU: 4660CW
Two pen set.

Our price: $15.00
Two Pen Set Green Finish
SKU: 4330CW Green
Two pen set.

Our price: $15.00
Two Pen Set Red Finish
SKU: 4640CW
two pen set

Our price: $15.00
Two Pen Set Silver Finish
SKU: 4430CW
Two pen set

Our price: $15.00
Coleman Air Pump
SKU: 2000000350
Car battery powered air pump. New old stock. Every pump has been tested and works perfectly. Great for pumping up air mattresses or other similar things. Comes with hose. Has a built in light.

Our price: $16.00
Key Chain Double Pack
SKU: 5340C701K
Two key chain lanterns. Not sure what these are supposed to be modeled after.

Our price: $18.00
Lantern Carry Case - Propane Maroon Used
Larger carry case for propane lanterns. This is a used case but will be in good condition. Due to the new postal shipping rules a $35 shipping fee will apply.

Our price: $18.00
Brass T-Handle Pump Reproduction
SKU: 451-522 Reproduction
This is a new production T-handle pump. It works great to pressurize your lantern, lamp, or Handy Gas Plant. Approximately 10 inches long.

Our price: $20.00