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Lantern Carry Case for a 290 - 451
SKU: CC3 3000000527
Carry case for models 290, 290A, 295, 220F, 220H, 220J, and 220K. Due to the new postal regulations about box size a $45 shipping fee will apply. If you are not on the east coast then I will be able to refund a good portion of it.

Our price: $23.00
Kerolite Wick Trimmer - 856
SKU: 160 Wick Trimmer
Reproduction wick trimmer for the Ker-O-Lite wick lamp.

Our price: $22.00
327 Filler Plug Conversion Adaptor - S29
SKU: 327 Conversion Plug
Converts your standard size lamp or lantern filler plug hole so you can use a more modern lamp cap instead. No more having to have a crescent wrench. Screw this on in place of your filler plug. Fits Coleman CQ lamps, 327 lanterns, Air O Lanterns, and others with similar sized filler plug.

Our price: $18.00
Lantern Carry Case - Propane Maroon Used
Larger carry case for propane lanterns. This is a used case but will be in good condition. Due to the new postal shipping rules a $35 shipping fee will apply.

Our price: $18.00
Lantern Key Chain Double Pack - T8
SKU: 5340C701K
Two key chain lanterns. Not sure what these are supposed to be modeled after.

Our price: $18.00
Two Pen Set Silver Finish - T20
SKU: 4430CW
Two pen set

Our price: $15.00
Hose Assembly - 1122
SKU: 2239D5411
Hose assembly for the Inflate All.

Our price: $13.00
Key Chain 200A - T6
SKU: 5341C700K
Mini little key chain replica of a 200A lantern.

Our price: $13.00
Fount Air Tube Tool - 474
SKU: Fount Air Tube Tool
Tool used to clear the air tube that goes from the bottom of the pump chamber to the top of the fount on the inside of a Coleman lantern fount. Comes with instructions. Gives you at least a chance to save a fount with a plugged air tube.

Our price: $11.00
Gas Tip Wrench - 2006
SKU: Gas Tip Wrench
Gas tip wrench. These tiny wrenches were used to remove the gas tips on Coleman lantern generators. They have some rust on them.

Our price: $11.00