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Lamp Hanger New - 331
SKU: 104-469
New reproduction hanging rod. Fits all Coleman lamps. Approximately 11 1/2 inches long.

Our price: $7.00
Screw - 2086
SKU: 1147B1012
Large screw. I think this is for a boat.

Our price: $0.25
Clip - 2105
SKU: 1201-840
I do not know what this part is for. I think for a boat or canoe but am not sure.

Our price: $1.00
Push Nut - 785
SKU: 1201B717
Push Nut

Our price: $1.00
Push On Nut for Boat - 1075
SKU: 1201C786
Push On Nut for Boat

Our price: $0.25
Bolt & Nut For Boat - 2098
SKU: 1201E551
Bolt & Nut For Boat

Our price: $1.00
Pal Nut for Boat - 950
SKU: 1201F735
Pal Nut for Boat

Our price: $1.00
Kerolite Wick Trimmer - 856
SKU: 160 Wick Trimmer
Reproduction wick trimmer for the Ker-O-Lite wick lamp.

Our price: $22.00
Filter for Small Funnel Plastic - 2112
SKU: 199-1091 Plastic
These are filters that I have never seen before. They are made of kind of a plastic-foam type of material. They come in legitimate Coleman packaging. Maybe some short lived idea of a funnel filter.

Our price: $9.00
Parts Safe Gasket 200A - 282
SKU: 200-7101 Gasket
This is a new gasket for your metal snap on parts safe. Fits the 200A size metal safe.

Our price: $4.00