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SKU: 5386B755
Cut little Coleman flashlight.

Our price: $5.00
Flashlight Bulb
SKU: 5390A705
Flashlight bulb for the Coleman model 1AA twist flashlight and 1AA switch flashlight.

Our price: $2.00
Flashlight Bulb
SKU: 5390A710
Flashlight bulb.

Our price: $2.00
3 Piece Flashlight Set
SKU: 5390D835
3 piece flashlight set. Also has a mini lantern key chain light.

Our price: $12.00
Flashlight Bulb
SKU: 5393-100
Flashlight bulb

Our price: $2.00
Light Bulbs
SKU: 5398-147
Light bulbs.

Our price: $3.00
Regulator for Ball Tank
SKU: 5410-5561
This is for the first generation of Coleman propane tanks that had a large green ball shape. New old stock but probably best for display.

Our price: $20.00
RV Tee
SKU: 5410A785
RV Tee.

Our price: $8.00
Propane Hose Adaptor
SKU: 5410B1601
Propane Hose Adaptor

Our price: $6.00
Regulator Outlet Tee
SKU: 5415K7911
Regulator outlet tee for Canadian made Coleman propane products.

Our price: $4.00