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Parts for vintage Coleman irons


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Red Knob
SKU: 5445-1491
Red Knob. Same as part number 5410-5291 only a different color. Comes with the direction disk.

Our price: $8.00
SKU: 5015A2151
Reflector pan for Coleman heater. I am not 100% sure about the part number on this part. It is either a 5015A2151 or 5015A2141. Please look at the picture closely and make sure it matches up with what you are looking to find.

Our price: $10.00
SKU: 5440-1251
Reflector for the Focus 5 heater.

Our price: $20.00
SKU: 5033-5251
Regulator for the model 5033 heater.

Our price: $11.00
SKU: 5455-5541

Our price: $20.00
Regulator Assembly
SKU: 515-5021
Regulator Assembly

Our price: $12.00
Regulator Assembly
SKU: 5440-5541
Regulator for the model 5440 heater.

Our price: $20.00
Regulator With Hose
SKU: 5445B5561
Regulator with hose.

Our price: $39.00
SKU: 515-5351
Snuffer. Measures approximately 10 1/2 inches across the base.

Our price: $22.00
Snuffer Used #1
SKU: 512-5351 Used #1
Used Snuffer. Measures approximately 7 3/8 inches diameter across the bottom.

Our price: $13.00
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