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Parts for vintage Coleman irons


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Wick Gasket
SKU: 515B1091
Wick gasket.

Our price: $3.00
Wick Assembly
SKU: 515B6561
Wick Assembly

Our price: $13.00
Filler Cap
SKU: 518-131
Filler cap for the Canadian model 518 catalytic heater.

Our price: $6.00
SKU: 518-2061
Gasket for the Canadian model 518 heater.

Our price: $4.00
519 Heater Knob
SKU: 519 Heater Knob
Knob for the Canadian model 519 heater.

Our price: $10.00
Gas Tip
SKU: 5424-2181
Gas tip

Our price: $0.25
Focus 5 Burner Ball Reproduction
SKU: 5440 Burner Ball
This is a reproduction burner ball for the Focus 5 heater. Has been field tested and works excellently. Comes with complete instructions on how to remove the screen from your old ball and install the new. Made of stainless steel and should last for years. The inner screen would need to be good on your current burner for it to work.

Our price: $17.00
SKU: 5440-1211
Black handle for Focus 5 heater

Our price: $12.00
SKU: 5440-1401
Knob for the Focus 5 heater.

Our price: $5.00
SKU: 5440-1511

Our price: $12.00
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