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Most Common Coleman Replacement Logos ~~ Made of High Quality Vinyl


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Decal Canadian Propane Campstove - D70
SKU: 1JHPropane
Decal for the Canadian propane camp stoves.

Our price: $3.00
5418 Badge - D81
SKU: 5418 Badge
New old stock badge for a model 5418 stove. It is metal with a sticky back. Has some light bends in it.

Our price: $2.00
Coleman Torch Decal - D68
SKU: Coleman Torch Decal 2
This decal says "Made By Butler Metals". Measures 2.75" by approx. 1.75".

Our price: $8.00
Foil Decal 1 - D92
SKU: Foil Decal 1
This is an original Coleman peel and stick decal. It is printed on kind of a foil type material. It measures 3 inches wide by a little over one inch tall. I do not know what these were used on originally. They show some dirt on the edges.

Our price: $2.00
Handy Pail Decal Paper - D80
SKU: Handy Pail Paper
This reproduction Handy Pail Decal measures 6 1/2 X 3 1/2. It is made of good quality paper and is just like the original Handy Pail paper decals of old. If you are a purist then this is the one for you. Just what you need to bring your old Handy Pail back to life and looking like new.

Our price: $9.50
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