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Nulite Generator Reproduction
SKU: Nulite Generator
Reproduction umbrella type generator for the Nulite lantern.

Our price: $36.00
Pre-Heat Generator
SKU: 544-289
Pre-heater generator for the Urn Burner 404, 505, 707; Water heater 1; Handy Gas Plant 5052; Pre-heater 544-383.

Our price: $22.00
Pre-heater Generator
SKU: 324-389
Pre-heater generator for the 324-583 and 322-383 burner.

Our price: $9.00
Q77 Wire Brushed
New old stock generator but has been wire brushed by someone. Interchangeable with the Q99 or R55 generator. Fits the model 327, 427 and Slant 220 lanterns

Our price: $9.00
Q99 Reproduction
SKU: Q99 R
Reproduction Q99 generator for the old Quicklite style lanterns and lamps. They work great.

Our price: $26.00
Thermos Unknown Generator #1
SKU: Thermos Unknown Generator #1
AGM-Thermos style generator. Not sure what model this one fits. It is 3/9/16 inches long.

Our price: $25.00
Unimet GL4 Generator
SKU: Unimet GL4 Generator
Generator for the 2 mantle Unimet GL4 lantern. Measures 3 1/4 inch long.

Our price: $20.00
Unknown Generator #2
SKU: Unknown Generator #2
Don't know what this one fits. It could be for a lantern or small stove. The gen body is 4 1/4 inches long. The tip cleaner rod extends out another 5/8.

Our price: $16.00
Unknown Generator #3
SKU: Unknown Generator #3
Don't know what this fits. It is a lantern generator. The body measures a little over 3 3/4 inches long. Has what looks more like a gear on the tip cleaner rod than threads.

Our price: $20.00
SKU: 522-2991
Large Military. New generator includes new gas tip, spring, and tip cleaning wire.

Our price: $15.00
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