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Generator Lantern
SKU: Geniol 22532
Generator for Geniol lanterns.

Our price: $20.00
Generator Lantern 231
SKU: 231-5891
Generator for the rare Coleman 231 kerosene double mantle lantern. Would also be correct for the model 235 lantern. Would probably work for the 206 lantern too. It is the kerosene version of the 220E generator.

Our price: $32.00
Generator P-10
SKU: 5419B297
Fits the model 5419A propane lantern

Our price: $5.00
Generator P-3
SKU: 5417A297
Fits model 5417 propane lantern

Our price: $5.00
Generator P-5
SKU: 5414-297
Fits model 5414 propane lantern

Our price: $8.00
Generator P-9
SKU: 5419A297
Fits the model 5419 Propane lantern

Our price: $3.00
Generator Powermax
SKU: 9960-5891
Generator for Powermax Quick Pack lantern

Our price: $5.00
Generator Propane
SKU: 5417-299
new generator for the 5417 propane lantern.

Our price: $12.00
Generator Q77 Steel
SKU: Q77 Steel
Steel body Q77 generator. Probably made during WWII. New old stock but very tarnished from age.

Our price: $11.00
Generator R55
SKU: 155B292
Fits models Air O lantern, 327, 427, Slant 220 lanterns and CQ lamps

Our price: $24.00
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