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Generator IL 323
SKU: IL 323
New reproduction generator for the rare lantern model IL 323. Extremely difficult to make. If you are lucky enough to own an IL 323 you can finally get it running right. Will also work on the equally rare NL 323. Has the attached tip cleaner rod that extends down through the base of the lantern.
For shipping purposes it will come in 3 pieces that you will have to assemble. No tools required. Goes together easily.

Our price: $79.00
Nulite Generator Reproduction
SKU: Nulite Generator
Reproduction umbrella type generator for the Nulite lantern.

Our price: $36.00
Generator AGM Q99
AGM Ready Lite generator.

Our price: $34.00
Generator Sunshine Safety Q99
SKU: Sunshine Safety Q99
Reproduction generator for the Sunshine Safety lanterns and lamps. Similar to the Coleman Q99 but has a different nut. Will not work on Coleman lanterns and lamps.

Our price: $33.00
Generator Lantern 231
SKU: 231-5891
Generator for the rare Coleman 231 kerosene double mantle lantern. Would also be correct for the model 235 lantern. Would probably work for the 206 lantern too. It is the kerosene version of the 220E generator.

Our price: $32.00
SKU: 950-262
Generator for Range 754A, 754B, 754C, 754D, 758E, 950A, 950B, 950C, 950D, 951A, 951C, 952A, 952B, 952C, 952D, 953A, 953C, and 953D

Our price: $30.00
Gloria/Knight Generator
SKU: Gloria/Knight Generator
Reproduction Gloria generator that used the tapered threads on the end. Generator measures 4 1/2 inches long.

Our price: $30.00
Yale Tapered Generator
SKU: Yale Tapered Generator
Reproduction Yale generator that used the tapered threads. Generator measures 4 3/4 inches long.

Our price: $30.00
Generator 236 Lantern Orignal
SKU: 236-2991
New Lantern Generator for Model 236 Lantern. New generator includes new gas tip, spring, and tip cleaning wire. Package style varies.

Our price: $29.00
Generator Kerosene
SKU: 249-2991
New Generator for Model 249 Lantern. New generator includes new gas tip, spring, and tip cleaning wire.

Our price: $28.00