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Most Popular Sizes Of Coleman Mantles


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Peerless Mantles 2C-HG
SKU: 2C-HG Peerless
These Peerless mantles are the same size as the Coleman 21A mantles. 4 mantles per pack. Made in India. Fits most common lantern models such as 200A and 220 models.

Our price: $4.00
Mantle 21A 2 pack
SKU: 21A102 3000004345
21A mantle 2 pack

Our price: $2.50
Mantle 4 Pack
SKU: 21A104 3000004344
Coleman's Most Popular Sized Mantles

Our price: $4.25
Mantles 21A101G Gold Top 2 Pack
SKU: 21A101G
21A101G Gold Top Mantles 2 pack. Appear to be the same as 21A309G.

Our price: $3.50
Mantle 21A Instaclip 4 Pack
SKU: 21A134C 3000000533
21A insta-clip 4 pack

Our price: $4.00
Mantles 21A Instaclip 2 Pack
SKU: 21B122 3000000534
Instaclip mantles

Our price: $2.25
Mantles #20 String Tie 2 Pack
SKU: 20A104 3000004346
String Tie Mantles for Model 222 & 226 Lantern

Our price: $3.25
Mantles #95 Insta Clip
SKU: 95-132C 2000026606
Coleman Insta Clip # 95 Mantles 2-Pack for the Northstar lantern.

Our price: $5.50
Peerless Mantles 24-A
SKU: 24-A Peerless
These Peerless mantles are the same size as the Coleman 99 mantles. A little bigger than the 2C-HG mantles but not as big as the 111 mantles. 2 per pack. Work well on single mantle lanterns such as 242 and 200A models. Made in India.

Our price: $2.00
Mantles 11A102C
SKU: 11A102C
#11 mantles 2 pack

Our price: $2.75
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