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Generator Stove
SKU: 740-262
Generator for stoves 740, 740A, 741, 741A, 742, and 742A.

Our price: $28.00
SKU: 950-262
Generator for Range 754A, 754B, 754C, 754D, 758E, 950A, 950B, 950C, 950D, 951A, 951C, 952A, 952B, 952C, 952D, 953A, 953C, and 953D

Our price: $30.00
Generator Lantern
SKU: 9950-5891
Generator for the 9950 Powermax propane lantern.

Our price: $6.00
Generator Powermax
SKU: 9960-5891
Generator for Powermax Quick Pack lantern

Our price: $5.00
Generator Lantern
SKU: AGM 428-240
AGM generator for the model 3927 double mantle lantern.

Our price: $16.00
AGM Generator
SKU: AGM A11685
AGM - Thermos generator. Same length as the Thermos 773 generator.

Our price: $24.00
Generator Stove
Generator body, spring, and tip. Approximately 9 3/8 inches long. Fits KampKook models 2022. 2024, 2221, 2222, and 2232. Thanks to Joe P. for this information.

Our price: $15.00
Generator Kamplite Inverted
SKU: AGM Kamplite Inverted Generator
Reproduction inverted generator for the AGM Kamplite inverted lanterns. Fits models IL1, IL11, and Thermos models 8319, 8321.

Our price: $22.00
Generator AGM Kamplite LRL21
SKU: AGM Kamplite LRL21
Reproduction generator for the AGM model LRL21, LRL22, KL2, and JC Higgins model 710.7400, 710.74001 lanterns

Our price: $20.00
Generator AGM Q99
AGM Ready Lite generator.

Our price: $34.00
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