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Welcome to our Virtual Museum

special thanks to photo contributors as there have been many. You will find credit for the owner with their photos.

If you have an item that is not shown here we'd love to show it off. Please email a digital picture...close-up against a solid background are best and easiest to see. When you're ready, click here to email us your photo. Please include your name and the make/model for reference

If you're browsing the museum and find something you believe is incorrect, please challenge it! I may have made a mistake or something odd may have surfaced. Some folks use this as a reference so please help me maintain as much accuracy as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The images contained in the museum pages are either the property of the Old Town Coleman Center or are being displayed here with permission from the owner. If you would like to use any of the pictures please ask first!

And, if you see an "X" rather than a picture that means that I'm scurrying to get one up!

A Little Piece of History

Coleman Single Mantle Lanterns

When you Think of Coleman...

Coleman Double Mantle Lanterns

The Old School

Vintage Coleman Lanterns

How do you like your venison?

Coleman Camp Stoves

Middle Kitchen Drawer

Irons & weird stuff

Moosehead or Molson?

Canadian Coleman

Warm away from the campfire
Coleman Heaters

Hot Beam No. 3
Hot Ray No. 480
Radiant No. 2
Radiant No. 4
Radiant No. 5
Radiant No. 7
Radiant No. 9
Radiant No. 16
Oil Furnace No. R-326
Oil Furnace No. 444D
Catalytic No. 511
Catalytic No. 511A
Catalytic No. 512
Catalytic No. 512A
Catalytic No. 513
Catalytic No. 513A
Catalytic No. 513K
Catalytic No. 515
Catalytic No. 515A
Catalytic No. 515 Gold
Catalytic No. 516K
Catalytic No. 510
Catalytic No. 518
Radiant No. 519

Catalytic No. 5445K

Show 'em All

One-Lung Wonders
Coleman Stoves and Burners

Burner No. 344
Utility Burner No. 454
Soldering Furnace No. 456
Handy Gas Plant No. 457
Handy Gas Plant No. 460
Handy Gas Plant No. 5052
Speedmaster No. 500 Painted
Speedmaster No. 500 Plated
Speedmaster No. 500A
Sportster No. 501
Sportster No. 501A
Sportster No. 502
Classic Stove No. 502A
Stove No. 508A
Stove No. 508B
Pocket Stove No. 530
Stove No. 533

Show 'em All!

Coleman & Friends Go to War
Items for the U.S. Military

Coleman/Aladdin Conversion
AGM/Aladdin Conversion
Model 252
Model 252A
AGM Lantern
Armstrong Lantern
Auto-Fab Lantern
Form-Tech Lantern
State Machine Products Lantern
Thermos Lantern
Model 520 Pocket Stove
Model 521 Burner
Model 522 Burner
Model 523 Vehicular Stove
Model 524 Burner
Model 525 Burner
Model 527 Stove
Model 536 Burner

Show 'em All!

With all due respect...
Stuff from other Manufacturers

Akron (Diamond) Company
American Gas Machine Products
Nulite Products
Preway Products
Sears and JC Higgins Products
Sunshine Safety Products
Thermos Products
Other Manufacturers

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