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About Us

Welcome to Old Coleman Parts. I have been an avid Coleman collector for over a 15 years. During this time I have accumulated lots of hard to find parts. I have also acquired the inventory of many other collectors over the years. I am now making these parts available to the general public and to the many Coleman collectors who are looking for these hard to find parts. I have many parts which are no longer available from Coleman or the common sporting goods retailers.

Please remember that most of these parts are new old stock. Some have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for over 80 years so they will have some tarnish. Some of the parts may be used but will be in complete usable condition and should last a lifetime. If a product is used, it will be clearly listed in the description as such. If not listed that way then it will be new old stock.

Please visit my online store. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Outside of the United States, Canada, or Japan you must use PayPal and please email for shipping costs. If you want to pay with check then you will have to email me your order. Please visit our Coleman Collectors Forum to meet a great bunch of guys who can answer any question you might have. If they can’t answer it then there is no answer to be found.