348 Alcohol

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  • 220 Filler Cap Insert - S144

    This is a reproduction inner disc for the old 3 piece caps. Comes with a new gasket and is made of brass.

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  • Cap Gasket - S56
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    Cap Gasket - S56

    This gasket is for the model 227, 427, 220/228 Slant lanterns, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert.

    It is the same outside diameter as cap gasket 118B1361 but has a smaller inside hole. 

    Old part number 115-1361. 

    This will not seal they typical Coleman lantern cap.

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  • Check Valve O Ring - S36
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    Check Valve O Ring - S36

    Small thin O ring for the common Coleman check valves. Made of gas resistant material.

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  • Filler Cap 3 Piece Green Used - E1265

    This is a used 3 piece filler cap. They are in various stages of wear. Paint is chipped or missing and could look like any of these in the photo. We start by picking out the ones in best shape first.

    We are showing 3 caps for demonstration purposes only to highlight the condition it could be in - This is for only one cap.

    Comes with a new gasket NOT installed.

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  • Filler Cap Brass Used - E1210

    This is a used one piece filler cap. Each one will vary in wear.

    Comes with a new gasket - not installed

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  • Filler Cap Gasket for 3 Piece Cap - S41
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    Filler Cap Gasket for 3 Piece Cap - S41

    This gasket is for many lanterns, stoves, and lamps that take the standard 3 piece filler cap. 

    If your filler cap is a standard size and has a screw in the center then these gaskets will work. 

    Red 3 piece filler cap show for demonstration purposes only.

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  • Filler Cap Light Gray Used - E1208

    Used filler cap that fits most Coleman lanterns and stoves. Light gray in color like the early production Duel Fuel models. Paint is chipped or missing - each one will vary in wear. 

    Comes with a new gasket - not installed

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  • New Filler Cap Brass - C04

    New brass one piece filler cap. Fits most all lanterns and stoves other than the model 242 lantern and 500 stove. 

    Has gone in the past by part numbers 220C1401, and now 425A1405

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  • Nut - S163

    Solid brass nut for the model 345, 348, 500, & 502 stoves. Possibly used in other applications also. Refer to the parts diagram of your model if unsure.

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  • Small valve stem packing - P02

    Typically used to stop a fuel leak from the valve stem on older appliances.

    This is the smaller valve stem packing. It is 5/16" long & the hole diameter is 3/16". This will only work on valve stems that are 3/16" in width.

    If you need to check your model, please see the PARTS DIAGRAM PAGE

    Typically this is used on the old 327 Quicklites, 427 lanterns and early CQ lamps, irons and some lanterns with the smaller diameter valve stem. The early 425F stoves use this, but could also use the larger P1 packing. Make sure your stem diameter is 3/16" for this part. If it is larger, you need the P1 HERE.

    Made of 100% graphite.

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  • Stem Assy. (Valve—Preheater) - E1089

    Pre Heater Stem Assembly for the Marine Stove

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  • Valve Stem - E1378

    New old stock. Fits on the 345 Kerosene and 348 Alcohol Stoves.

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