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  • Large Valve Stem Packing - P1

    Typically used to stop a fuel leak from the valve stem on older appliances.

    This is the larger valve stem packing. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 1/4". It would be used on most modern lanterns, lamps, and stoves. This will only work on valve stems that are 1/4" in width.

    If you need to check your model, please see the PARTS DIAGRAM PAGE

    425F stoves could use either this or the P2 packing. Make sure your stem diameter is 1/4" for this part. If it is smaller, you need the P2 HERE.

    Coleman made the same product under two different part numbers. This is the same as part number 118B6201 and 118D6201. 

    Made of 100% graphite.

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  • Pump Cup for Large Hand Pump - S84

    Large pump cup for the T-Handle pumps, kitchen ranges, and other larger appliances. Measures approximately 1 3/8 inch across. For pump barrels with a 1 1/4 inch diameter.

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    • $3.25
  • Cap Gasket HGP - S52
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    Cap Gasket HGP - S52

    This is a large filler cap gasket for the Handy Gas Plants

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  • Gas Tip - GT14

    Gas tip for Handy Gas Plants 460 and 460G

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    • $4.35
  • Needle And Tube - E219

    Needle And Tube

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  • Valve Stem Assembly - E426

    Valve stem assembly for burner 558, generator 558-262, and handy gas plant 460, 460G.

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  • Generator Stove - E679

    Complete NOS generator for the handy gas plant 460, 460G.

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    • $65.10
  • Cap Insert Reproduction - S130

    This is a reproduction filler cap insert for the large filler caps as used on Handy Gas Plants, Radiant Heater #2, Remote Tank 457 and 465, and other large tanks.

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  • Fuel Tube HGP - R414

    Reproduction fuel tube for the Model 457, 460 and 575 Handy Gas Plant. Also fits stove models 375, 375A, and 376.

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    • $24.95