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  • Leather Pump Cup - S81

    This is the common Coleman pump cup that fits most lanterns and stoves. 

    Has a 7/8 inch diameter and is made of oiled leather.

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  • Cap Gasket - S56
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    Cap Gasket - S56

    This gasket is for the model 227, 427, 220/228 Slant lanterns, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert.

    It is the same outside diameter as cap gasket 118B1361 but has a smaller inside hole. 

    Old part number 115-1361. 

    This will not seal they typical Coleman lantern cap.

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  • Generator Nut - S176
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    Generator Nut - S176

    Generator nut. Fits many models of lanterns which take the 220E5891 generator: 220s, 228's, 275. Also fits many other models. Find your parts diagram HERE and verify the generator nut is listed as 605-210. 

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  • Used Generator Nut - S26

    Used generator nut for all the model 200, 242, 243, 220, and 228 models. It is in fine shape, just dirty.

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  • Q99 Reproduction - R401

    Reproduction Q99 generator for the old Quicklite style lanterns and lamps. They work great.

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  • Lamp Globe Reproduction - G08

    Reproduction lamp globe for the later style Coleman lamps. Real nice alternative to an expensive original. This globe measures 5 7/8 inches tall. The top rim opening has a 3 inch diameter. The bottom opening has a 3 5/16 inch diameter. It bulges out at the widest point to about 5 inches. Some people call this the 355 globe.

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  • Check Valve Old Style - S179

    Reproduction check valve. This is the earlier larger style check valve as used on the L227, L427, 220B, 228B, 220C, 228C, 235 lanterns, some lamps, and some early stoves.

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  • Gas Tip Used - GT1

    Used Gas tip.

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  • Air Stem Old Style Long Used - E1358

    Used long air stem that fits the larger check valve used on the 220/228B and 220/228C lanterns. Also fits military lanterns. Measures 5 9/16 inches long.

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  • Generator Nut -S173

    Reproduction generator nut for the Q77 generator. Same gen nut also used on the Q99 and R55 too. Also fits on iron models 4, 8 and 8A.

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  • Valve Stem Lamp - E1004

    Valve stem for the early Coleman lamps. Will not fit lanterns. Fits model CQ, BQ, PQ, 117A, 118A, 119A lamps and others.

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  • Air Stem Long New Style - E1048

    Reproduction long air stem with newer style screw end. Same length as the 216-532 air stem. Allows the use of the new style check valve with the smaller threaded end for stoves that took a longer air stem. Overall length is 5.5".

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  • 605 Wrench Used - E1209
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    605 Wrench Used - E1209

    Used wrench for all Coleman appliances. Used for removing generators and making minor repairs. 

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  • Mixing Chamber Used with Vent Rod - E1001

    Early mixing chamber used on the early 220/228B lanterns and lamps of the same period.

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