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  • 427 Cap Gasket - S54
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    427 Cap Gasket - S54

    This gasket is for the model 227, 427, 220/228 Slant lanterns, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert.

    It is the same outside diameter as the common three piece cap gasket but has a smaller inside hole. 

    Old part number 115-1361. 

    This will not seal they typical Coleman lantern cap.

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  • Alcohol Bottle - C020

    This is a new Coleman made alcohol bottle for kerosene lanterns. Typically used to fill up the pre-heater cup before lighting.

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  • Generator R55 - C26

    Fits models Air O lantern, 327, 427, Slant 220 lanterns and CQ lamps

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  • 355 Lamp Globe - G08

    Reproduction lamp globe for the later style Coleman lamps. Real nice alternative to an expensive original. This globe measures 5 7/8 inches tall. The top rim opening has a 3 inch diameter. The bottom opening has a 3 5/16 inch diameter. It bulges out at the widest point to about 5 inches. Some people call this the 355 globe.

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  • Lamp Globe Holder - R352

    This is a reproduction lamp globe holder that allows you to use a common 220 size globe on your lamp. The original lamp globes are expensive and this is a great alternative. Burn your old lamps and no longer worry about breaking a rare globe. Globe is not included.

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  • Nut For 220 Used - E1587

    Used frame hold down nut for the models 220/228B through 220/228F lanterns. Will show sings of light rust and wear but should work fine. Will also work on CQ Lamps to hold down the handle.

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  • Air Stem - E1034

    New Old Stock Air stem / thumb screw for filler plugs used on the old Quicklite lanterns and lamps. 

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  • Quick-Lite Air Stem, Reproduction - S130

    Reproduction air stem for the Quicklite lanterns and lamps. Also fits the Model 16 heater.

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  • Figure 8 Piece Used - E1189

    Used figure 8 piece as used on the old Q style burner.

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  • Decal - Fits 130 Lamp - D73
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    Decal - Fits 130 Lamp - D73

    130 Lamp Decal

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  • Generator R55 Old Style - E1013

    Old Style R55 generator with the square nut.

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