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  • Leather Pump Cup - S81

    This is the common Coleman pump cup that fits most lanterns and stoves. 

    Has a 7/8 inch diameter and is made of oiled leather.

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  • Air Stem Old Style Long Used - E684
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    Air Stem Old Style Long Used - E684

    Used long air stem that fits the larger check valve used on the 220/228B and 220/228C lanterns. Also fits military lanterns. Measures 5 9/16 inches long.

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    • $9.75
  • Lighter Stem - E80

    Lighting stem.

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  • Eccentric Block and Needle - E47

    Needle And Block Assembly

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    • $2.15
  • Fuel and Air Tube - E79

    Fuel and Air Tube. Same as part number 425-6461.
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    • $3.25
  • Valve and Generator - C29

    Valve and generator

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    • $74.00
  • Generator Coil - E177

    Generator Coil

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    • $2.15
  • Lead Gasket - E223
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    Lead Gasket - E223

    Lead gasket used on the filler plugs of old Quicklite lanterns, lamps and some stoves.

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    • $8.70
  • Air Stem Long New Style - E224

    Reproduction long air stem with newer style screw end. Same length as the 216-532 air stem. Allows the use of the new style check valve with the smaller threaded end for stoves that took a longer air stem.

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    • $5.95
  • Filler Plug Gasket Buna - S54
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    Filler Plug Gasket Buna - S54

    Filler plug gasket for the model CQ lamps,327 Quicklite lanterns and many older stoves. Can be used in place of the 104-136 lead gasket.

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  • Plastic Back Up Plate For Pump Assy - E876

    NOS plastic back up plates for pump assembly

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  • Used Leather Pump Cup - E680
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    Used Leather Pump Cup - E680

    These are used leather pump cups that fit most lanterns and stoves. They may need some oil and conditioning, but are still flexible. This is the typical sized 7/8" pump cups for most lanterns and stoves.

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