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  • Eccentric Block - S137

    Eccentric Block

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    • $5.00
  • Decal - Fits 132A  Lamps - D48
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    Decal - Fits 132A Lamps - D48

    132A Lamp Decal

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    • $4.50
  • Tip Cleaning Needle Tool - S150

    Reproduction tip cleaning tool for cleaning the gas tips on your Q99 or Q77 generator.

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    • $4.50
  • 327 Filler Plug Conversion Adaptor - S98

    Converts your standard size lamp or lantern filler plug hole so you can use a more modern lamp cap instead. No more having to have a crescent wrench. Screw this on in place of your filler plug. Fits Coleman CQ lamps, 327 lanterns, Air O Lanterns, and others with similar sized filler plug.

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    • $18.00
  • Lamp Shade Holder Screw Reproduction - S155

    Reproduction shade holder screw for Coleman lamps. The top side is threaded to accept a hanging rod.

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    • $7.00
  • Kerolite Wick Trimmer - S199

    Reproduction wick trimmer for the Ker-O-Lite wick lamp.

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    • $22.00
  • 327 Filler Plug Reproduction - S125

    Reproduction filler plug for the old Quicklite lanterns and lamps. Made of solid brass. Now you can replace your old rounded off filler plug. Made to use the 427 gasket rather than the old lead gasket. Will come with the new gasket.

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    • $26.25
  • Lead Gasket - S193

    Lead gasket used on the filler plugs of old Quicklite lanterns, lamps and some stoves.

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    • $4.35
  • Shade Holder Rod With Nut - S128

    Reproduction shade holder rod with nut. A lot of the later style US lamps took this type rod.

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    • $8.25
  • Generator Nut -S173

    Reproduction generator nut for the Q77 generator. Same gen nut also used on the Q99 and R55 too. Also fits on iron models 4, 8 and 8A.

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    • $7.50